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About walking

It is well known that to keep our body and mind healthy and sound any type of exercise is the must.
Exercise and uniform dieting are the secret of long life. If we can maintain the ideal body weight we will be healthy wealthy in physically and mentally.
Walking is a very good exercise. It is an appropriate exercise for all ages and can do with minimum effort without any cost.
We can do it anywhere. We feel very charming when walk beside any lake, river or in park. It is very amazing to walk with our beloved one in gentle breeze. Even we can walk along the footpath near our house for a few minutes which is helpful for our health. According to doctors hearts are and vein are equally benefited by walking. Actually the best exercise walking is for all. It does not give any pressure on our body.
Running sometimes injures our muscles. It is very risky for aged person. But none injured by walking.
Walking is very easy and comfortable. It does not need any special dress and instrument.  It needs not be perspired. We can walk anywhere with comfort and pleasure. Walking 30 minutes per day and six days per week is sufficient.
Jogging and aerobic exercise compelled the heart to run forcefully. It is beneficial in a stage. As muscles do hard labor, too much oxygen is needed. Exercise creates lactic acid in the body. It needs efforts to check acidity. As the lactic acid makes our muscles hard and painful.
Walking does make this. It enhances the flow and pressure of blood by pumping the heart, but does not make tress in muscles. Lactic acid does not secrete in body.
Walking inspired blood circulation with less pressure in body and gradually decreases body fats.
Body does not feel more stress in walking. One can walk all the week, but will not feel tired. Many sick persons can take it as a good exercise.
It can be started slowly 10 to minutes in first day. Next day, increase speed and time to 20 to 30 minutes. Then take rest for ten minutes by walking slowly. It is better than costly and troublesome gim.


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