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Web Development

Now-a-days  it  is no need to explain about the necessity of internet and  website. To focus your business in the global web, you must have a website. For that  a  good looking attractive  design of your web site  is very essential as well as an effective web development. What isweb development : It is the work of managing, maintaining and assuring the presence  of your website in internet. The term 'web development' refers to a large range of activities related to developing for the web. It has two parts : web design and development of web software. Development of web software includes web applications, e-commerce software, web server configuration and management. To do these activities, developers use programming language or coding which have  mainly  two sides. One is server-side  coding and another is client-side coding. . Server-side web development Server-side coding or web development concentrates on programming that affects the server. This type of development can be under…