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About walking

It is well known that to keep our body and mind healthy and sound any type of exercise is the must. Exercise and uniform dieting are the secret of long life. If we can maintain the ideal body weight we will be healthy wealthy in physically and mentally. Walking is a very good exercise. It is an appropriate exercise for all ages and can do with minimum effort without any cost. We can do it anywhere. We feel very charming when walk beside any lake, river or in park. It is very amazing to walk with our beloved one in gentle breeze. Even we can walk along the footpath near our house for a few minutes which is helpful for our health. According to doctors hearts are and vein are equally benefited by walking. Actually the best exercise walking is for all. It does not give any pressure on our body. Running sometimes injures our muscles. It is very risky for aged person. But none injured by walking. Walking is very easy and comfortable. It does not need any special dress and instrument. It needs…

About this domain

This blog site will go for self improvement. How to improve our self confidence. How to over come all frustration and start a healthy wealthy and sound body, mind and family life.We will publish such type of articles

We will publish here uncommon, interesting and positive news from newspapers as paper cuttings.
We invite comics, proverbs and quotations about positive thinking.
We invite viewers to contribute in our blog site.